The magic of the island “on the surface of the water”.

The real spearhead are the daytime mini-cruises that allow the visitor to immerse himself completely in the island's suggestions through a tour that allows him to “get to know” the most suggestive coves of Lampedusa.

Boarding takes place at 10:00 and the return is scheduled for 17:00. During the navigation, a voice guide will explain in detail the characteristics of the coast and the ancient anecdotes about the places handed down from generation to generation by the Lampedusan fishermen.

Sparkling swim stops will mark the various scheduled stops while the on-board staff will serve delicious typical dishes typical of the typical Lampedusan cuisine, all on board a three-story boat that offers maximum stability at sea and enjoyment of the spaces.

Don't give up on comfort, you are on La Quarta Isola!

More than a ride, our night cruise is a romantic experience at sea that allows guests to discover the island's charm from sunset onwards.

An evening where surprises reign. We will set sail just before sunset to enjoy the wonderful colors at sea, the cove where we will stop will be chosen by the captain according to the marine weather to ensure greater suggestion and a calm sea.

A rich aperitif based on typical products will accompany the navigation towards the chosen cove.

Once arrived it will be possible, for those who wish, to take a bath, returning to the room thoroughly dry, a rich dinner will start with water and wine at the table, enlivened by a soft and refined musical accompaniment.

The return is scheduled for around 00:00.

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